Katy Perry – “Part of Me” Music Video

Published March 22nd 2012
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Katy Perry’s music video for Part of Me premiered on her official VEVO last night.

The video starts off with Katy driving, a direct representation of the lyrics. She goes to her husband’s workplace to break up with him for cheating on her.

Then the video takes the weird turn that is Katy’s decision to join the army. While all the army scenes are very well done and you can tell it had a big budget, it’s just too far removed from the message of the song and looks more like she made an expensive video for the sake of it.

You can watch the Part of Me video below:

Madonna – “Girl Gone Wild” Music Video

Published March 21st 2012
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Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild music video premiered today on VEVO. It’s one of her best videos in years. The video is shot mostly in black and white.

There’s been some online criticisms that it rips of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro music video but in fact, the Girl Gone Wild video serves as a homage to many of Madonna’s iconic videos.

You can watch the video for Girl Gone Wild below:

Katy Perry – “Dressin’ Up”

Published March 20th 2012
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Katy Perry’s Dressin’ Up leaked online last night. The leaked version is in low quality but it still gives the idea of the whole song. I’m a bit concerned about the lack of bass in the first verse so I’m hoping that’s due to the way the song was re-encoded to remove the watermark.

The intro to Dressin’ Up is identical to the demo. The vocals on the first verse are more produced and have a slight reverb effect on them. Midway through the first verse, the beat kicks in and unlike the demo it slows the track down with a dubstep effect. The demo had a fast pace which really added to the song.

By the time the chorus hits, the song gets back on track and redeems itself with a punchier, louder production than the demo. The chorus is going to sound amazing in clubs. The only real difference vocally in the chorus comes at the end when the last “dressin’ up” is put through a vocoder.

The second verse is much, much better than the first. Although it’s not faster, the production is a lot edgier and like I wrote in a previous blog, it sounds similar to E.T.

The middle eight is a mixture of good and bad. It doesn’t start off too well. There’s a lot of vocoder used and it slows the song down until Katy sings “beads of sweat drip down your neck,
breathing deep, gaining speed, about to peak, trembling, trembling, trembling” which speeds up suddenly and gives the song momentum as it leads into the final chorus. The faster half of the middle eight has become my favourite part of the song.

Overall, I’m really happy with the finished version of Dressin’ Up, as long as the high quality version has some bass in the first verse.

You can listen to Dressin’ Up below:

Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection will be officially released on March 26th.

Katy Perry – “Wide Awake”

Published March 19th 2012
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Katy Perry’s Wide Awake, one of the new tracks from Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, has leaked online. It’s an electro-pop ballad written by Katy and Bonnie McKee.

The full version of Wide Awake is as good as I expected from the leaked clip last week. The only downfall of the song is how repetitive it is. The phrase “wide awake” is repeated a numerous amount of times throughout the song.

You can listen to Wide Awake below:

Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection will be officially released on March 26th.

All That Junk – 18/3

Published March 18th 2012
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Alexandra Burke has reached number 3 on the UK singles chart with Elephant with no support from Capital Radio and Radio One. (Radio One link)

Cheryl Cole is putting the finishing touches to her third album and has written a song for her “soldiers” (fans) called This Is War according to producer Jim Beanz. (Twitter link)

Katy Perry performed Part of Me for the first time in the UK on Let’s Dance For Sport Relief. It received a mixed reception but she is now at number 1 on iTunes. (YouTube link)

The original Sugababes (Keisha, Mutya and Siobhán) had meetings this week, including one with Popjustice. (Twitter link)