Madonna – “I Fucked Up”

Published March 17th 2012
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Madonna uploaded a new MDNA album track called I Fucked Up to her YouTube channel. It’s a vulnerable ballad about her divorce from Guy Richie.

It’s not the strongest track from what I’ve heard so far of MDNA, but it has a nice sound even if the lyrics can be a bit cheesy at times.

You can listen to I Fucked Up below:

The Saturdays Confirm New Single Is Called “30 Days”

Published March 17th 2012
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The Saturdays’ have confirmed through their weekly mailer that their new single is called 30 Days. Originally the title was leaked as being called 30 Days (To Love). The name change they opted for is much better.

The mailer read:

Our new single has a name! It’s called ’30 Days’.

The song was written and produced by the talented Steve Mac (who’s worked on our previous singles ‘Higher’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Notorious’) and co-written by Autumn Rowe (who wrote Alexis Jordan’s amazing choon, ‘Happiness’). Stay tuned for more deets on our new single coming soon, including the release date and single sleeve!!

As if Faster wasn’t enough of a copycat Happiness, they’ve only gone and got its writer to work with them on 30 Days. Hopefully it sounds nothing like either songs (even though they’re both great songs).

Katy Perry – “Part of Me” Trailer

Published March 16th 2012
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The trailer for Katy Perry’s music video for Part of Me was released via her official VEVO channel today. It’s just a short trailer showing Katy in dressed in military gear in the army. I don’t really understand how the song is going to work with the video’s theme because other than the line “throw you bombs and your blows”, the song has no reference to war. It’s probably the first Katy Perry video that doesn’t go with the obvious theme from the song that it accompanies.

Check out the trailer below:

The video will be premiered on March 21st, just in time to promote the re-release of Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection on March 26th.

Madonna – “Superstar” Preview

Published March 14th 2012
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Madonna’s been uploading previews of tracks from her upcoming album, MDNA, to Youtube. Nothing so far has really grabbed my attention so far but I like the sound of Superstar which she uploaded yesterday. Superstar is written and produced by Hardy “Indiigo” Muanza and Michael Malih. It features vocals from Madonna’s daughter Lourdes.

It’s a summer-sounding track that might make a good single at some point. I love the lyric:

You can have the password to my phone, I’ll give you a massage when you get home

You can listen to the clip of Superstar below:

MDNA is out March 26th.

Katy Perry – “The Complete Confection” Previews

Published March 13th 2012
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The previews of Katy Perry’s re-release of 2010’s Teenage Dream, entitled The Complete Confection, has been released online. The new additions to the album include the number one single Part of Me, the Tricky Stewart produced Dressin’ Up, the Bonnie McKee penned Wide Awake and Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Up of the six singles from the original release of the album.

Dressin’ Up has probably been the most anticipated song by many since it leaked online sometime last year. The leak was a small clip of the first verse and chorus. It’s believed that at the time, the rest of the song had yet to be written. The finished version of Dressin’ Up keeps the basics of the original demo but has a more polished production which almost takes away from the edgy, rawness of the demo. Had I not heard the demo, on first listen to the finished product, I’d have called it E.T. Part II. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the chorus is given an extra punch to become a bit of a stomper and leaves the original demo vocals untouched. The vocals on the verses have been given backing vocals but they sound a bit muffled under the production. Overall it’s still an excellent track and it will no doubt be a huge hit for Katy – and we’ve still yet to hear the middle eight.


Wide Awake is the other previously unreleased track. It was apparently originally recorded by co-writer Bonnie McKee. It’s a gorgeous electro-pop ballad that also cries for a single release – like almost every song that hasn’t been a single yet from Teenage Dream.


The Complete Confection will be released on March 26th through Capitol Records.