Avril Lavigne – “Goodbye” Music Video

Published March 02nd 2012
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Avril Lavigne has created a video by herself for her song Goodbye as a “thank you” to her fans and to close the Goodbye Lullaby era.

The video is just a low budget film shot in her hotel room. Avril looks stunning in the video and looks the most mature she ever has, which will hopefully be a sign of how her image will be for her next album, due out this year.

You can watch the video for Goodbye below:

Donkeyboy “Pull of the Eye” Lyric Video

Published March 01st 2012
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Donkeyboy’s second studio album, Silver Moon, is released tomorrow in Norway. It’s yet to be announced for release outside their home country. The second single, Pull of the Eye, was released on Monday and it has been on repeat ever since.

You can watch the lyric video below:

Amelle – “God Won’t Save You Now”

Published March 01st 2012
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While Amelle’s debut solo single, God Won’t Save You Now, isn’t a patch on her contribution to Tinchy Stryder’s Never Leave You, it’s still ridiculously catchy and it’s hard to not keep playing it (even though it’s just a 48 second clip).

DBX who produced the track commented:

The last minute of this song is INSANE! Will play it soon. DBX

I can’t wait to hear the full track. Take a listen to the clip below:

Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” Lyric Video

Published March 01st 2012
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Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild might not have the freshest sound, hence all the comparisons to her own Confessions On A Dancefloor, but it’s still a strong single despite it being generic. Her vocals, while not at the forefront of the track, are still identifiable and loud enough to make the chorus quite a good hook.

Madonna’s twelfth studio album MDNA is due for release on March 26th.