Diana Vickers – “Cinderella” Video Premiere

Published May 31st 2013
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Diana Vickers’ video for Cinderella premiered this morning. The video is very simple but it does a good job at showcasing the song.

The video is basically the lyrics acted out. Diana meets her love interest at a masquerade ball. They end up spending the night running away from security, eventually hiding in the swimming pool while security finds Diana’s shoe.

Check out the video below:

Cinderella will be released on July 21st through Diana’s new label So Recordings.

Ke$ha – “Crazy Kids” Video Premiere

Published May 29th 2013
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crazykidsKe$ha’s video for Crazy Kids, the third single from Warrior, premiered last night on MTV.

The video features will.i.am but it’s unknown whether there’s another video featuring Pitbull for international markets.

The video is one of Ke$ha’s worst. Her miming to the track is edited badly so she’s out of sync with the track. will.i.am wasn’t available on the day of filming so his head is edited onto someone else’s body in an astronaut suit. Aside from that, not much happens in the video.

You can check the video out below:

Crazy Kids is available now on iTunes.

Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop” Single Cover

Published May 29th 2013
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Miley Cyrus tweeted a picture of the single cover for We Can’t Stop. It looks like the song is going to be about partying judging by the cover.


We Can’t Stop will premiere on June 3rd on Ryan Seacrest’s show.

Jessie J – “Wild” Video Premiere

Published May 29th 2013
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Jessie J’s video for Wild featuring Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal premiered. The video is in black and white and it’s a bit of a non-event. It’s basically just the three artists in a warehouse performing the song.

Check the video out below:

Kelly Clarkson – “People Like Us” Video Premiere

Published May 28th 2013
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peoplelikeuscoverKelly Clarkson’s video for People Like Us premiered on her official VEVO. The video is about Kelly working as a scientist but she doesn’t agree with experimenting on a girl so she helps the girl escape.

The product placement in the video is a bit too in-your-face. Kelly takes a picture in the lab with a Nokia which isn’t the worst piece of product placement but the BMW that Kelly drives the girl away in is a bit too much. Also the green screen background during the escape scenes is very cheaply done. It looks like a background from the game Need For Speed.

However, Kelly looks amazing in the video, especially in the performance scenes. The concept is really good too but it could’ve done with a better execution (and possibly a larger budget).

Check out the video below:

People Like Us is available on iTunes.