The Saturdays – “Wildfire” New B-Side

Published June 17th 2013
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The Saturdays have uploaded Wildfire, the b-side to Gentleman, to their official SoundCloud. Following The Saturdays’ usual trend, the b-side could easily be the a-side. Wildfire is co-written by The Saturdays and produced by The Alias.

Check out Wildfire below:

Gentleman will be released on June 30th with Wildfire available as an iTunes pre-order exclusive or on the CD single.

Ed Drewett – “Undefeated” Video Premiere

Published June 13th 2013
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Ed Drewett’s video for second single Undefeated from his upcoming debut album premiered today. The mix of the song in the video seems to be a little different to the version he posted on SoundCloud last week. This version has better production and the ending is slightly changed.

The video seems to be about Ed waking up after his spaceship crashed and so he tries to find his suit and his ship to get back to where he came from.

Check out the Undefeated video below:

Undefeated is out on July 14th.

Mutya Keisha Siobhan – “Flatline” Preview

Published June 13th 2013
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Mutya Keisha Siobhan have uploaded a 1:11 clip of their new single Flatline to their SoundCloud.

On first listen, Flatline doesn’t immediately sound like a single but it definitely sounds like a big song. The three voices sound incredible together. It makes listening to it so easy and relaxed which hopefully means the song will be very accessible for radio listeners.

Listen to the clip below:

There’s still no release date for the full thing but hopefully it’s very soon.

Kelly Clarkson – “Tie It Up” New Country Single

Published June 10th 2013
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tieitupKelly Clarkson premiered her new country single Tie It Up at the CMA Music Festival on Saturday.

While it’s not the kind of song you’d expect from Kelly, there’s something about it that sounds promising. The closest thing Kelly has done to Tie It Up would be Yeah from her album My December, although the former is much catchier.

Kelly also posted the single cover for Tie It Up on her WhoSay account which features Kelly in a wedding dress. It seems like maybe Kelly is just having fun with a single like this before her wedding. However, it’s strange that she’s premiering a new single right now when People Like Us is still being promoted.

Tie It Up has no release date yet but hopefully we’ll hear the studio version soon.

You can listen to Kelly performing Tie It Up below:

Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran – “Everything Has Changed” Video

Published June 06th 2013
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Taylor Swift’s video for Everything Has Changed featuring Ed Sheeran premiered. The pair don’t appear in the video until the last few seconds.

Check out the video below:

Everything Has Changed is set for release on June 24th.